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Maintaining A Water Garden Pond

Caring for Garden Water Features to Keep Them Healthy

Although the ins and outs of water garden pond planning including layout and finding the proper balance between fish, plants, rocks and chemicals can be complicated and involve years of study, some basic knowledge of these areas will bring great satisfaction to the neophyte backyard pond owner. The result will be a beautiful, restful refuge for humans and wildlife and an increase in property value.

Create a Balanced System in a Water Garden Pond

The healthiest water garden ponds have a good balance between the numbers of fish and plants in relation to the size, shape, depth, amount of rock and whether there is a waterfall. Finding the correct pond volume, appropriate pond linersand the right pond pumpis critical to maintaining the health of a backyard garden pond or a pondless water feature. Keeping the pond clean also contributes to overall water garden pond health.

keeping the pond clean

Adding Plants to a Pond Water Feature

Plant life in garden water features is very important, not only for looks, but to help provide shade for fish and decrease the amount of available oxygen to keep algae growth to a minimum. Many kinds of beautiful plants are available and two of the least expensive are sea lettuce and water hyacinths, which bloom with lovely tiny flowers. These plants are called floaters and multiply quickly. Place one or two in your fish pond, depending on its size, and watch them carefully to keep them from taking over. Water lilies, lotuses and other ornamental water plants are also appropriate to add for highlights.

Fish Contribute to a Balanced Water Garden Pond

Depending on the size of a water garden pond, fish may be added to enhance the healthy pond system and for viewing pleasure. Add declorinator to the water the day before adding fish to remove chlorine. A waterfall or aerator is necessary for adding air to the water for fish health. To maintain fish pond algae control, allow the fish to eat the algae which they do on their own, and refrain from feeding fish food once they have become established in the garden pond.

Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals in a Garden Pond

Keeping a healthy eco system and clear water in your water garden pond often requires the addition of a variety of products which support your pond’s overall health. There are environmentally friendly enzymes designed for different seasons of the year which help to maintain pond pH. for a wide array of water garden pond needs.

Fish Pond Algae Control and Sludge Removal

For fish pond algae control, add barley straw, which comes in a liquid or solid form. The liquid is the best and fastest working in reducing and maintaining pond algae. If string algae becomes a problem, try using one of the animal friendly algaecides. For removing decay that forms at the bottom of your pond from fish waste and other organic breakdown, there are products available for sludge removal. If pond products are not doing the job, inexpensive pond vacuums are available to remove excess gunk.

Managing Mosquitoes in a Water Garden Pond

Moving water helps prevent against mosquito infestations in backyard ponds and pondless water features. In addition to keeping the garden pond water in motion, add BT, known by its full Latin name, bacillus thurengensis. BT is an organic substance that can be added to the water to kill and prevent mosquito growth. It’s completely harmless to fish and plant life. The liquid form of BT works within hours to kill an infestation and lasts for months.

It’s time to get going for the season if you haven’t already started and prepare your backyard water garden pond for a long and healthy summer filled with flowering plants, happy fish and clean, clear water. Good luck and remember to refer to the website in the reference section for a great place to find reasonably priced products.